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Hello Everyone! This is a Legend of Zelda Campaign, and while I already have players close to home that want to play, I will still talk about the premise of the campaign itself here. Don’t judge. It helps me think.

Anyway, the Campaign is about our band of adventurers finding out about the Triforce, and how they eventually cause the Hyrulian Civil War between the Dark Interlopers and all of those who want to prevent them from getting the Triforce.

We are using the Pathfinder rue set, but a different way to use XP. I give credits to this way to a player of mine, who has balanced this set of rules. What it essentially is is a way to customize your character beyond the class system, and this rule system says that abilities cost ____ XP, and once players have spent 40 XP, their character level increases. It takes approximately 20 encounters that are equal to the characters level, but if they face encounters above their power level,, they can get through the level by getting XP to spend more quickly. So, an equal encounter is 2 XP to a character of equal level.

Awarding experience, as per the Zelda tradition, will be handled at the end of every dungeon, much like how Link obtains a Heart Container, and after they level up, the next dungeon in turn will be more powerful to suit the levels of each party member.

That’s the basic premise of it!

Home Page

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